To get to Gozo it is necessary to take a ferry departing from Cirkewwa, in the northern part of the island.

Ferries depart every 3/4 hours, they run all day and all night (although at night less often), you can cross with your car (paying an extra fee). That said: plan the time to arrive but, other than that, you can go back forth whenever you want.

The system works pretty well, but in summer it’s a bit chaotic, so sometimes ferry services enable extra boats that can make schedules vary (and not always for the better). Also think that boats have passenger limits, so normally you have to be early (sometimes quite a while) to make sure you get in.

The ferry will drop us off in Mgarr (Gozo), and now we have a decision to make: how do we move?

For those who have come by car the option is easy, just make yourself notice that the road map in Gozo is radial, that is, the roads start and end in the capital Victoria, in the center of the island, so you will pass it several times. As always, GPS is your best ally.

If you are moving by public transport, the information on the lines can be found in

There are also guided tours that usually include in the price everything you are going to spend individually: transfers to Cirkewwa to and from the hotel, food, boat tickets (and sometimes to monuments), transport, and also a guide that will explain and help you in everything you need. So adding all this up, it is one of the cheapest and most comfortable options to visit the island, in addition to all the information that the guide will provide you.

Our visit to Gozo, for example, includes food, all transports to and from your hotel, and entrance to the temples of Ggantija, the oldest standing buildings in the world according to UNESCO, and you will visit all the main points of the island without having to do a study before or have to worry about schedules or complications.

Also their is panoramic buses available that visit the main points of interest and depart from the port of Mgarr. They are more reliable and plentiful than public, but much more expensive.

– Another very economical option is to visit Gozo on a visit combined with Comino. This option is left to those who do not have enough time and want to see it on our visit Gozo, Comino and Blue Lagoon, which is not as complete as the visit to Gozo, but allows you to kill 2 birds with one stone, being able to visit both islands in a day and in a more economical way, enjoying Gozo in the morning and then relaxing in the waters of Comino.

-Another option, but it is for lucky pockets or travelers willing to make an extra expense to not miss anything, these are private excursions, which from 360€ will provide us with a guide, a car and the option to choose what to visit and what not, the tickets to pay or the place to eat. If you are interested in this option you can also buy our 8-hour Private Tour and save yourself intermediaries.

-The last option, for privileged pockets, is to take a boat and make stopovers, or spend a couple of days on the island. We only recommend this if you come for absolute relaxation (Gozo has a lot of charm, but few things to visit) or if you have a lot of time, and you can afford to waste 2 or 3 days. Prices in Gozo are much cheaper, but it’s usually for themselves: few expect you to stay in Gozo.

If you are willing to make this extra expense you can contact us and we will help you.

Finally, to return from Gozo you only have to return to Mgarr and take the ferry again, clearing the path that you have followed, either by public or private transport.