Comino and Cominoto are two islands that are next to each other and the beauty of it’s waters is indescribable. But organizing the tour is important as it can be the difference between an excellent day or a nightmare.

The most common option is a service of “sea taxis” departing from Cirkewwa and Marfa to Comino. They usually leave every half hour and the price includes the round trip. To get here you can use public transport without problem: many buses will take you to Cirkewwa. That said: the trip is not short, as Cirkewwa is the northern point of the island.

The other main option, which we suggest and that is not much more expensive, are the boats that depart from Bugibba and Sliema and that allow you to have the services of the boat all day, which makes the visit much more pleasant (Comino is an island without natural shelters against the sun). In addition, services range from simply being able to take refuge in the shade of open bar, food or a visit combined with the island of Gozo. To visit Comino we offer you our visit, which departs from Sliema.

There are other, more special but also more expensive options, such as renting a private boat (which doesn’t usually come down from 500 euros) or special boats. Contact us if you have anything more special in mind and we’ll help you.

Apart from this the trip does not have many more secrets, since you only have to travel back and forth are the same. The essentials: do not forget the protective cream for the sun.