The party in Malta has a lot of fame and, added to being one of the safest places in the world, make it a perfect destination if what you want is to party.

The main clubbing area is in Paceville, so if you don’t want noise, you can enjoy Malta without even knowing this side.

Malta’s main fame is for its electronic music, but the offer encompasses countless festivals of all kinds of music. Just like the best time to come and enjoy this facet of our islands is summer, without a doubt, but you will find some all year round, so we will divide them into parts, focusing on the places.

-Paceville. It’s the party area excellence. Party 24 hours, 365 days a year. Although it is perhaps one of the most insecure areas of the island it is still very safe: it will be rare to have your wallet stolen, and our experience is that there are more oversights than bad intentions. This area includes a bit of everything: records, rock clubs, to dance… if what you want is non-stop party this is your area.
In recent years numerous gentleman clubs have sprung up with ladies of company, but prostitution is banned on the island and these venues are perfectly distinguished, so there is no risk of confusion.

Paceville is a perfectly connected area and easily accessible less with the car (at night the streets are pedestrian only) as parking is complicated and/or expensive.
If Paceville has a catch it’s that sleeping is complicated, so if you’re looking for cultural Malta, avoid the area.

-Sliema. It is a much quieter area, full of restaurants, bars and pubs, many at the foot of the beach, which makes it perfect for both a few beers, a walk on the beach or a stay with our partner. What he doesn’t have are big nightclubs. If you are looking for an area with vine where you can stay but without excessive noise this is your area. It is also perfectly connected and has lots of shops and leisure areas.

-Bugibba. In this northern city we will find nightclubs and pubs, areas to go out for a drink and promenades full of restaurants. In addition there is sandy beach (not easy to find on our islands). A good base to discover the island, at a good price and with partying. On the other hand it has that it is not very central and that it is a rather ugly area, totally touristic.

-Boat parties. Coming to Malta party and not going boat party is like coming for history and not visiting Mdina… Boats usually offer open bar and non-stop music (usually commercial, but there are reggae themed parties, disco…) while sailing at night, usually to Comino or the Islands of San Pablo.

Needless to say, this option is mostly in summer.

-Club complexes. Not all nightclubs are in Paceville, in fact the largest ones are in less touristy areas:
Gianpula, the largest and best known on the island, with well-known resident DJs. It is close to Rabat, so it is not easily accessible, but if you want electronic music this is Mecca in Malta.
Aria, another large venue with lots of music, especially known for having themed parties for all ages and a large pool that gives a special touch. It’s just outside San Gwann, making it more accessible.
La Grotta, in Gozo. The best alternative of Malta’s little sister, but probably uns interesting if you really want to enjoy the main festivities.

-Festivals. During the summer Malta is full of festivals of all kinds of music. Some are internationally recognized, such as Lost&Found, Isle of MTV, Tomorrowland (needless to say, these, although held annually, may vary).

But even nationally we have some pretty suggestive in case you’re here on those dates and want to mingle with the locals or practice English. Of the best known are the Beer Festival in Ta Qali (with several tents with all kinds of music), Earth Garden also in Ta Qali (several tents with various types of independent music such as rock, ska, reggae…), the South Rock Festival (rock in the south of the island) or the various concerts and reggae themed parties. But this is just a very shallow summary for you to get a little idea of the wide variety of options you’ll find on the islands.