Malta is considered one of the top gay friendly destinations in Europe (for example in 2016 Mister Gay World 2016 was held and we were at the top spot in the ILGA-Europe Rainbow index).

In this context there are specific bars and clubs, especially in Paceville, but anywhere you choose you will be at ease.

And for those who like to know that LGTBIQ+ collectives actually live day by day in the destination you visit. In Valletta we find a fairly active rights association that achieved a few years ago the legalization of same-sex marriages and adoption.

The Gay pride is held in the second week of September in the capital, Valletta, with street parties, LGBTIQ+ floats, parades, concerts, events and activities. It’s not comparable to anything you’ve seen in Madrid or Berlin, for sure, but it’s that the size of the island doesn’t give much more. What’s not lacking is enthusiasm and people wanting to have a good time.

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