Come and discover one of the most traditional areas of Malta, where culture, war and beauty are mixed in an area that has given Malta the nickname “fortified island”.

We will walk Birgu (Vittoriosa), a city founded by Phoenicians, and first settlement of the order of St. John in Malta. Its alleyways are today one of the best kept secrets of the archipelago.

In this city the Christian knights resisted the Ottoman Siege of Malta in 1565, and centuries later had to resist against the Axis bombers, being one of the most affected areas of Europe by World War II and one of the most bombed in the world.

Today, proud of her past and immersed in her present, we find a city of cybreating alleys full of life.

After the walk we embarked on a dghajsa, sea taxis similar to the gondolas, to make a cruise inside the Grand Harbour, profiling the impressive walls of Valletta and those of the Three Cities, the latter built by Arabs and later perfected by the Aragonese and the order of St. John, who are shown to us as the travelers and warriors who arrived on the island in centuries past. We will also discover from the sea the strong sanjuanists of San Telmo, San Angelo and Ricasoli.

From the gardens of Senglea, where you will find the most photographed guard (post and surveillance of a wall) of the islands, we will enjoy one of the most spectacular views over the Grand Harbour and valletta.

  • ADULT PRICE 33.00
  • PRICE UNDER 12 YEARS 18.00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Wednesday and Saturday
  • Includes pick-up and drop-off to the hotel