Tour in Gozo: Temples of Ggantija, Victoria (Rabat and Cittadella), Dwjera and Xlendi

Gozo is the size of about a quarter of the island of Malta, but only hosts 10% of the island’s population. Its soil is very fertile so it is basically dedicated to agriculture.

Life in Gozo is much quieter and seems stagnant in the 1960s. Locals enjoy this peace and thus refuse projects where the island could be linked to the main one, facilitating the access and arrival of tourists and Maltese to alter their rhythm.

We will take a coach that will take us to the ferry where we will cross to Gozo (the boat trip takes about twenty minutes), where we will know its most emblematic points such as Dwejra, where we can take a boat (not included, as they operate depending on the weather conditions) it goes through a tunnel of more than sixty meters to the open sea, where we will travel the waters of precious colors to where the Blue Window was, due to geological accident it disappeared a few years ago, but immortalized in numerous films and superproductions. 

The Dwejra area is not only spectacularly beautiful, it is also full of history: from the countless fossils in its stones to the St. Johns guard tower and the Fungus Rock (another geological accident on which there is much to tell).

We continue with Cittadella, (medieval walled city and ancient capital) from where we can admire the whole island, and continue with Rabat, its outskirts, which today is part of the present capital, Victoria.

There can be no miss of the temples of Ggantija, the oldest standing complex buildings in the world, which not only offer us the opportunity to meet a culture capable of building immense temple complexes in 6000 BC (in fact the name Ggantija comes from the belief that these temples were built by giants). It also offers us beautiful views of the fertile island of Gozo and its landscape, rural and quiet, so in contrast to most of Malta.

We will visit a craft center where lace and wool sweaters are offered so typical of the island, among other typical Gozitan handicrafts before re-embarking on the main island.

  • PRICE 64.00
  • PRICE UNDER 12 YEARS 25.00
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Monday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Includes pick-up and drop-off to the hotel
  • Includes: Entrance to the prehistoric temples of Ggantija
  • Food