In Authentic Malta we specialize in groups. No matter if you're a family than a travel agency, we're going to give you the best.

First of all, because we are passionate about what we do, and the groups allow the guide we choose for you to share that passion. We also work with the best, which allows us to offer from specialized trips of archaeology, medieval fortresses or trekking has party trips or with companies of historical recreation (or all together!).

And secondly, because the one that you all come with the same interest makes it much easier for us to give you exactly what you want and a much more personalized treatment, being able to plan everything in detail.

That's why we follow a simple process: we ask you to fill out a form (the form is EXCLUSIVE TO US. We have written it out there and repeat it: we sell trips, not data) and with that information we contact you with a proposal that we will detail everything you want.

So you can get to know us through the people who know us and meet the people who travel with us. Here those who do not know who we are can see what we do and those who already know us will be able to find your photos and remember your holidays.