Being an archipelago Malta could not, not offer a good number of boat visits. Among the many wonders of the country, the color of the waters virtually anywhere is one of those things that we fall in love with the most.

But even leaving this aside, the boats can serve us to reach unreachable corners, offering us a unique excursion (with the sea breeze, whose waters sway us while we recreate in the beauty of the visit) or a simple quick, comfortable and different way to reach the most touristic places.

To book the tour that interests you click on the photo and follow the steps. It’s very simple. If you find trouble CONTACT US.

Unless otherwise specified, participants under the age of 5 can take the tour for free. Between 5 and 11 years old (included) the reduced price of “child” will be paid. Participants on excursions 12 years and older will pay adult price. In the first two cases the age must be able to be demonstrated with an official ID or passport.