This is a tour for lovers of legends, the hidden, the unknown, the macabre and bizarre stories that every city hides.

But it is also a perfect excuse to visit one of the most beautiful cities at dusk, rediscovering it in a different light: that of the moon and the lampposts.

We start at the source of the newts, simply because of their beauty, but soon we enter Valletta, where we will walk its main streets and some of its less frequented alleys to know those stories that little and few people want to know about: ghosts and murderers, plagues and massacres, legends and tragedies. All this seasoned, however, with a little black humor and stops that will allow you to discover a different city than most travelers see.

In fact, much of the tour departs from the one followed by normal tours, allowing you to see places in the city that leave the usual tours and teach us a different city with a special charm.

And to finish with a good taste of mouth, we finish the tour in an area where you can choose between several bars and restaurants.