This tour is perfect for you to know the most authentic Malta, full of history and traditions.

Mdina is a dream city, preserved as if time had stopped forever in its streets and palaces. So much so that it has been used in numerous film and TV super-productions to represent past times and fantastic worlds.

We will walk its winding alleys, admire its squares and look at its walls, which offer one of the best views of our islands.

The city is very small but has almost 3000 years of history, so we will kick virtually every one of its corners and learn about virtually every stage of Malta's exciting history.

And, after this visit for what was the most important city of our islands, we continue for the village that was created around it, Rabat, and which today remains a populous example of Maltese rural life and the charm of its traditional settlements. Streets with character and history, which help us discover a Malta that (fortunately) is reluctant to disappear.

To finish we will give you indications for where to eat, which museums to visit or any doubts that may arise, so that you have nothing left without visiting that is worthwhile.