The visit to Gozo is one of the most panoramic and appreciated, and is that life in Gozo is much quieter and seems stagnant in the 60s. Locals enjoy this peace and refuse projects where the island could be linked to the main one, facilitating the access and arrival of tourists and Maltese to alter their rhythm.

In our vehicle we will arrive at the ferry (included) where we will cross to Gozo (the boat journey takes about twenty minutes), where we disembark to discover its most emblematic points.

We start with Dwejra, where you will have the option of taking a boat that will cross the tunnel of more than sixty meters to the open sea, where we will travel the waters of precious colors to where the Blue Window was, due to geological accident it disappeared a few years ago, but immortalized in numerous films and superproductions. 

The Dwejra area is not only spectacularly beautiful, it is also full of history: from the countless fossils in its stones to the St.Johns guard tower, Fungus Rock, another geological accident on which there is much to tell.

The next stop is one of the most special in Gozo, the Basilica of Ta Pinu, and is special for many reasons. Firstly by the beauty of the place where it finds itself, it is reinforced by the presence of this stylized Basilica that dominates the landscape. For Christians, we also find the only place of international pilgrimage, since in Ta Pinu it is recognized by the Vatican as the only place with a Marian apparition of our islands, and which several Popes have visited.

We were talking about the Blue Window, which no longer exists, but we can take you to one of the other “windows” so that you appreciate these geological accidents, relatively abundant on our islands, but usually not accessible to large groups and vehicles and we prefer to keep secret for you 😉

We continue with another beautiful place that few visit because of accessibility problems: the Roman salt flats. A landscape of stone, water and, of course, salt, where salt is still produced in the old-fashioned way and we can see a wonderful landscape that has stayed very similar for millennia.

We continue with Cittadella, (medieval walled city and ancient capital) from where we can admire the whole island, and continue with Rabat, its outskirts, which today is part of the present capital, Victoria.

In Rabat we will have free time to visit its flea market and the shops that give alive to the lively squares of Gozo and to eat, which at this hour will be playing. Of course, our guide will advise you on the best sites.

We’re running out of time, but not the places, so we’ll take you to calypso Cave, where according to legend ninfa who fell in love with Odysseus, holding him away from his beloved Penelope. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who we’re talking about or if you find it hard to believe that Calypso lived here (or didn’t exist): the important thing about the cave is the beautiful views of one of our most beautiful and peculiar beaches, Rambla l-Hamra.

And, now to finish, we head to Qala, another quick but beautiful stop that allows us to see Comino, Cominoto and the Blue Lagoon from a privileged enclave. A perfect farewell before taking the boat again and returning to the mother island.

But since you can’t put honey on your lips and then go on like nothing, after showing you Cumin we take a speedboat* to briefly visit the islands, their amazing waters and their caves, on the way back.

We have not included the temples of Ggantija, the oldest standing complex Neolithic structures in the world, because it is a private visit and we want you to choose. But if you haven’t seen temples in Malta, it’s an option you should take into account, as they not only offer us the opportunity to meet a culture capable of building immense temple complexes in 6000 BC. (in fact the name Ggantija comes from the belief that these temples were built by giants), it also offers us beautiful views of the fertile island of Gozo and its landscape, rural and quiet, so in contrast to most of Malta. In case you want to add this visit you must notify our guide, since you will have to remove some other or look for alternatives (such as taking away food time). So that everything is exactly as you want, tell us and we will give you the best alternatives.

* Boat return will depend on weather conditions. If you don’t like small boats, let us know and we’ll take the ferry instead.

  • Total price up to 3 passengers – 400 euros
  • Total price up to 8 passengers – 560 euros
  • Total price up to 14 passengers – 680 euros
  • For more than 15 passengers you can consult us in Groups
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • The visit will be made with official guide
  • Includes pick-up and drop-off by private vehicle
  • Includes the price of the ferry to Gozo
  • Includes the price of the speedboat to Malta