The perfect excursion to see the best of the island of Malta in just two days and economically, since we give you the entrance to the Concathedral of St. John.

We think it's a fair change: you give us two days of your vacation and we offer you an entire island.

With this private tour you will enjoy our excursions to discover the most relevant places of Malta in a day and dedicate the second day to know the Malta of the knights of the Order of St. John: Valletta and Birgu (click to see all the details).

On the first day we will visit the fishing village and flea market of Marsaxlokk, we will look at the Blue Grotto, we will know the unique prehistory of Malta in the temples of Hagar Qim, we will continue to know the ancient history of Malta in the ancient capital of Mdina and enjoy a traditional Maltese aperitif before the end of the day with the visit to the Rotunda of Mosta , which houses the 3rd largest dome without supports in Europe.

And on the second day we will delve into history the knights of the Hospital Order of St. John visiting its two main cities: discover Valletta, present capital of Malta, where we visit for free the spectacular Concathedral of St. John, before taking a dghajsa (Maltese gondola), on the way to Birgu, the first city and fortress of the Order where today we discover a more traditional Malta.

  • Total price up to 3 passengers – 595 euros
  • Total price up to 8 passengers – 850 euros
  • Total price up to 14 passengers – 1040 euros
  • For more than 15 passengers you can consult us in Groups
  • Duration: 2 8-hour excursions
  • The visits will be made with official guide
  • Includes pick-up and drop-off by private vehicle
  • Includes dghajsa or alternative transport to Birgu
  • Includes snacks and traditional Maltese drink
  • Includes entrance to Hagar Qim temples
  • Includes entrance to Mosta Basilica
  • Includes free visit to the concathedral of St. John