Come with our guide to get lost in the winding medieval streets of one of the most charming and historic areas of our islands.

Mdina is the ancient medieval capital of the island of Malta. Today it is known as “the city of silence”. It seems taken out of a storybook and not in vain, many great productions such as “Gladiator”, “Agora” or “Game of Thrones” have been shot in its streets.

It is only necessary to rest your elbows on its high walls and almost as a bird’s eye view we can observe practically the whole of the island. Thus we managed to enter the shoes of the sentries who, from that very point guarded the seas and their shores looking for the enemy. We will walk its streets and corners, discovering its history and its medieval architecture.

The city is very small, so we will kick practically every one of its corners.

And after this visit for what was the most important city of our islands we continue for the village that was created around it, Rabat, and which today remains a populous example of Maltese rural life and the charm of its traditional settlements. Streets with character and history, which help us discover a Malta that (fortunately) is reluctant to disappear.

The area offers to several visits that could be of interest to us, such as the Cathedral of Malta, Palazzo Falson (a palace of the sixteenth century), the Roman Domus (with spectacular mosaics), the Roman catacombs with their agape tables (almost unique in Europe) or the Grotto of St. Paul (where the saint lived during his stay on the island) among others, so we recommend you to tell your guide your interests to accompany you.

  • Price up to 50 passengers 150 euros
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • The visit will be made with official guide